About Us

NCG is a group of independent consulting companies specialised in international development cooperation. NCG was first established in Norway in 1985; subsequently, in Denmark (1989) and in Sweden (1992). NCG is represented in many other countries either by assigned representatives or established NCG offices.

NCG has expertise in institutional development, governance, human rights, economic and financial, social and environmental analyses, infrastructure development, private sector development and internationalisation.

NCG consultants have backgrounds in political and social science, economics, resource management, infrastructure, and business administration. All have broad international experience from developing countries or countries in transition, and they have advanced proficiency in one or more major languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

NCG’s clients include: bilateral development agencies in the Nordic and other European countries; multilateral institutions, such as the European Commission, the World Bank, UN agencies, and the regional development banks; national ministries and agencies, NGOs and private sector clients.