NCG has recently been assigned by Danida to conduct the review of the Strengthening Climate Change and Environment Sector Capacity Component. The Component forms part of Denmark’s Climate Change and Environment Programme in Mozambique and succeeds the Environmental Sector Programme Support (ESPS II) 2011-2015. The Component objective is “Consolidated, sustained and further developed capacity of state and non-state actors to undertake actions in accordance with their duties and rights that improve the environment, livelihoods and resilience to climate change of the people of Mozambique”. The objectives of the Review are the following:

  • Assess the progress in completing the 2016 activities and the closure of the Component 1, ESPS II programme in relation to the requirements by the donors;
  • Assess the relevance, adequacy and realism of the consolidation and exit activities proposed to ensure sustainability of component activities and institutional capacity to address environmental mainstreaming and climate change adaptation in the future;
  • Advise on the use of unspent funds for the Strengthening of Climate Change and Environment Sector Capacity Component.

NCG was subsequently requested to follow-up on the Review recommendations, which included the following tasks:

  • Assist in establishing procedures for new activities (water supply/boreholes and roads improvement) related to planning, budgeting, flow of funds, accountability, financial reporting, monitoring, etc. This will be done jointly with directorates of the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER).
  • Elaborate MoU with Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and MITADER to facilitate smooth procurement. Visits to provinces to present procedures for units involved may be required. Elaborate, jointly with existing TA, a detailed plan for progress and financial reporting and for monitoring visits covering the whole year.
  • Prepare a detailed work plan for continued support by senior short-term financial adviser. Two – three more visits to Mozambique are foreseen during 2017 in order to back-stop and trouble shoot on emerging problems and to ensure timely progress and financial reporting and timely release of funds.
  • Review Management Letters for the 2016 audit (for 40 units) and assist auditors with information for the Global Management Letter and Audit Report. Prepare Terms of Reference for the 2017 audit.
The review will be conducted by NCG Partner Per Kirkemann.