Evaluation report on Developing Rural Markets in Vietnam

An evaluation of initiatives to strengthen value chains for environmental health and food security in the rural north of Vietnam came to the conclusion in July 2013. The evaluated initiatives, carried out by CODESPA Foundation with funding from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID), apply an innovative market-based approach that combines social marketing in rural areas with public demand creation and strengthening or ‘kick-starting’ local supply chains.  It was applied in the areas of sanitation, pig and rice farming in close in collaboration with local and provincial authorities to set up institutional and market-based systems that most cost-effectively can contribute to reaching national targets for rural development. 

The evaluation applied an analytical framework that sought to identify how sector sub-systems emerged and consumer behaviour evolved through the alignment of actors towards self-sustained local markets in line with national food security and environmental health targets.

By tapping into local systems of policy implementation, organization and social mobilization, the evaluation found evidence of positive impact even in the high altitude mountain communities that previously have not been able to benefit from the expanding domestic demand and growing markets for e.g. rice and pork meat in Vietnam. The evaluation concluded that it is possible to apply a market-based approach that is directly relevant even for the poorest by carefully selecting and framing the problems to be addressed, and making sure adapted and affordable inputs are locally produced and distributed particularly in areas that are geographically remote, structurally marginalized and largely populated by ethnic minorities.  Concurrent with this evaluation, a World Bank funded study also identified the evaluated approach in the northern province of Yen Bai as best practice and one of the most effective ways to reach national sanitation targets in rural areas.

NCG’s partner Charlotte Ørnemark (cor@ncg.dk) was international Team Leader for the evaluation. Other recent work in Vietnam has included the design of a national social marketing campaign to shift consumer behaviour to more energy-efficient lighting options (UNEP funded for the Government of Vietnam), and an evaluation of a Danida-funded programme to promote socio-economic inclusion of ethnic minorities in the north of Vietnam (CARE Denmark).  

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Published: 30.07.2013 Modified: 30.07.2013