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Effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions are vital in ensuring the rights of citizens and their access to services as well as a good, enabling environment for doing business. Our expertise covers the scale of governance related issues in conflict and post-conflict areas, and in low, middle-income as well as high-income countries. Paradigms within the governance area shift over time and NCG actively takes part in contributing to knowledge generation and sharing.

NCG strongly emphasises the importance of getting the analysis right, including understanding the local interests and political dynamics in a country. Our partners and consultants have the required in-depth country knowledge and hands-on experience to offer tailored services to projects and programmes in numerous countries. Our main areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Situational analysis (political economy and political settlement analysis)
  • Formulations, appraisals, reviews, evaluations of governance programmes (financial, democratic governance, decentralisation, citizens and civil society inclusion and participation mechanisms)
  • Anti-corruption, post-conflict stabilisation and recovery, peace and state building, and access to justice mechanisms
  • Organisational and institutional analysis
  • Corruption risks and due diligence assessments
  • Development of governance indicators and diagnostics frameworks
  • Monitoring of governance programmes, capacity development including training, on the job mentoring, courses, and e-learning
  • Facilitation of partnerships (South-South and North-South institutional collaboration e.g. between Parliaments, political parties, judiciaries, and Ombudsman, national human rights and equality institutions)
  • Governance studies (e.g. gender and corruption, governance in fragile states, national integrity studies, and mainstreaming governance)


Creating lasting value from the market in which your company is embedded can be quite the challenge as the environment and the business setup in developing countries is different from your home market. Investing in the improvement of the societal conditions and engaging and collaborating with local institutional actors can be a strategic approach when operating in foreign developing country markets. Significant challenges include poverty in society, poor infrastructure, inefficient national health systems, low levels of education, high levels of corruption and environmental stress.

NCG provides assistance on corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and makes sure your company maximises the benefit of current and future initiatives. NCG has in-house core expertise in CSR in the following areas:

  • CSR strategy development and how best to organize your company’s CSR work according to the company’s core business
  • Assesment of risks and opportunities
  • Internal and external communication strategy and execution
  • Monitoring and evaluation of company reports and initiatives, supply chain labour rights compliance and supply chain human rights compliance.
  • Impact assessment of implemented CSR efforts
  • Stakeholder analysisand engagement

NCG provides CSR consultancy services based on experiences from numerous projects and programmes.

In building and strengthening the company’s CSR profile and strategy, we at NCG apply a multi-disciplinary approach in our work in order to assist companies in generating a positive outcome in developing country markets by drawing on internal and external experts with a variety of specialisations, combined with specific experience and skills in the fields of business strategy, risk (including corruption), institutional capacity building, and environmental and social risk.

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Studies show and several business cases evidence the significant potential for Danish small and medium sized companies to internationalise to developing countries and diversify their export portfolio of goods and services. However, SMEs need to focus on their core business and make strategic decisions based on accurate knowledge and market information.

NCG can help address:

  • Financing
  • Local sales and marketing
  • Human resource management
  • Partner selection
  • Corporate governance
  • Legal issues

NCG maximizes the potential for success of itscustomers, through tailored market analysis, value chain analysis, risk analysis, identification of local partners and due diligence. NCG provides companies the best possible foundation to penetrate foreign markets by providing:

  • Knowledge and advice to companies to increase exports, increase sales, gain market access, gain product approval, develop new products and localize marketing in order to penetrate foreign markets.
  • In-depth strategy advice and business case development
  • answers to questions regarding how to integrate CSR into the venture, delineate the environmental and technical concerns involved with the product or service and how these could be mitigated.
  • Process consultancy for companies looking for financing instruments such as the Danida Business Partnerships Programme
  • NCG facilitates Export Networks, by providing companies with the necessary knowledge and expertise to take the step and penetrate emerging markets.

NCG’s in-house expertise and local staff in developing countries can assist in all aspects of business strategy and execution in our countries of expertise (see list).

NCG partners and consultants understand and provide assistance to internationalization and our consultants respect the cultural, social and technical context and deliver high quality technical support, proposals and solutions to the satisfaction of our clients.

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Supporting effective stabilisation and long-term recovery from conflict

NCG has in-house core expertise in fragile and post-conflict states. The main areas are:

  • Guiding the implementation and evaluation of effective and impactful national Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration programs;
  • Advising on mechanisms to facilitate the successful reintegration of ex-combatants
  • Capturing national reconciliation and reintegration including through tracer and national surveys of conflict affected populations;
  • Strengthening civil society and government institutions in post-conflict scenarios;
  • Supporting the recovery of local economies in conflict-affected communities through Community Driven Development and micro-finance
  • Assist key stakeholders to develop integrated strategies for post-conflict peace building and stabilisation
  • Supporting civilian and military coordination during armed conflict and complex emergencies

NCG provides an international development consultancy services on most aspects of fragile and post-conflict states based on experiences from numerous projects and programmes. NCG advises on effective DDR, programming targeting the socio-economic recovery of local communities from conflict, peace and security, stabilisation, human rights and peace and reconciliation based on expert knowledge and experience in these areas. NCG partners and consultants understand and provide specialised assistance in fragile and post-conflict state to multilateral and bilateral donors as well as sovereign governments in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of social infrastructure and local economies in post-conflict environments. They provide technical support to the development and implementation of strategies for post-conflict recovery and specialist monitoring and evaluation of relevant programming.

Climate Environment CA Page

Our integrated approach to the urgent action needed to combat climate change and its impact, is to address the issues of environment, natural resources, and climate change on the basis of their inherent interconnectedness through coordinated solutions and international cooperation.

Delivering our climate and environment consultancy services at regional, national and local levels, we advise governments, civil society and the private sector on the most appropriate options to strengthen resilience, conserve natural resources, and improve access to clean energy, in order to consolidate the overall platform for sustainable development and economic growth.

Our Climate & Environment consultancy services are built on documented in-house capacity, complemented by an extensive network of technical experts and strategic alliances, and include:
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIAs) and strategic environmental assessments (SEAs)
  • Formulation of sector policies, plans and programmes
  • Climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience mechanisms
  • Strengthened resilience through environmental and natural resources management
  • Improved access to affordable, reliable and clean energy, including rural electrification
  • Investment in energy infrastructure and technology
  • Integrated water resources management (IWRM), and integrated coastal zone management (ICZM)
  • Sustainable forestry, land and water resources development and management
  • Development of sustainable financing methods, including payment for environmental services (PES)
For further information on our Climate & Environment consultancy services, please contact Steffen Johnsen.