An individual’s ability to break away from inhibiting patterns, or to fully benefit from development, is influenced by factors that go beyond traditional sector boundaries. Such factors include gender for example, the ability to exercise his or her human rights as well as personal well-being linked to living conditions and the natural environment.
In building and strengthening systems of resilience, we at NCG seek to apply multi-disciplinary approaches in our work to help clients maximize development outcomes by taking such cross-cutting issues into consideration in all aspects of programming.

We do this by drawing on internal and external professionals from a variety of specialisations, combined with specific experience and skills in the fields of gender equality, human rights, and environmental and social risk assessments.
We also contribute to the international body of knowledge on what makes aid effective under what circumstances. This is closely linked to our extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation, and our commitment to finding new and better ways to make in order to foster innovation.

Published: 16.11.2011

Modified: 13.02.2014