Studies show and several business cases evidence the significant potential for Danish small and medium sized companies to internationalise to developing countries and diversify their export portfolio of goods and services. However, SMEs need to focus on their core business and make strategic decisions based on accurate knowledge and market information.

NCG can help address:

  • Financing
  • Local sales and marketing
  • Human resource management
  • Partner selection
  • Corporate governance
  • Legal issues

NCG maximizes the potential for success of itscustomers, through tailored market analysis, value chain analysis, risk analysis, identification of local partners and due diligence. NCG provides companies the best possible foundation to penetrate foreign markets by providing:

  • Knowledge and advice to companies to increase exports, increase sales, gain market access, gain product approval, develop new products and localize marketing in order to penetrate foreign markets.
  • In-depth strategy advice and business case development
  • answers to questions regarding how to integrate CSR into the venture, delineate the environmental and technical concerns involved with the product or service and how these could be mitigated.
  • Process consultancy for companies looking for financing instruments such as the Danida Business Partnerships Programme
  • NCG facilitates Export Networks, by providing companies with the necessary knowledge and expertise to take the step and penetrate emerging markets.

NCG’s in-house expertise and local staff in developing countries can assist in all aspects of business strategy and execution in our countries of expertise (see list).

NCG partners and consultants understand and provide assistance to internationalization and our consultants respect the cultural, social and technical context and deliver high quality technical support, proposals and solutions to the satisfaction of our clients.

Published: 04.02.2014Modified: 13.02.2014