Creating lasting value from the market in which your company is embedded can be quite the challenge as the environment and the business setup in developing countries is different from your home market. Investing in the improvement of the societal conditions and engaging and collaborating with local institutional actors can be a strategic approach when operating in foreign developing country markets. Significant challenges include poverty in society, poor infrastructure, inefficient national health systems, low levels of education, high levels of corruption and environmental stress.

NCG provides assistance on corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and makes sure your company maximises the benefit of current and future initiatives. NCG has in-house core expertise in CSR in the following areas:

  • CSR strategy development and how best to organize your company’s CSR work according to the company’s core business
  • Assesment of risks and opportunities
  • Internal and external communication strategy and execution
  • Monitoring and evaluation of company reports and initiatives, supply chain labour rights compliance and supply chain human rights compliance.
  • Impact assessment of implemented CSR efforts
  • Stakeholder analysisand engagement

NCG provides CSR consultancy services based on experiences from numerous projects and programmes.

In building and strengthening the company’s CSR profile and strategy, we at NCG apply a multi-disciplinary approach in our work in order to assist companies in generating a positive outcome in developing country markets by drawing on internal and external experts with a variety of specialisations, combined with specific experience and skills in the fields of business strategy, risk (including corruption), institutional capacity building, and environmental and social risk.

Published: 04.02.2014Modified: 13.02.2014