In consortium with Orbicon A/S and SAS Hydro Conseil NCG has won the contract for the evaluation of Danidas water, sanitation and environment programmes in Uganda (1990-2017)

The main objectives of the evaluation are a) to document the results and achievements through cooperation in the sub-sectors; b) To analyse the value added through Danida support to the sub-sectors, including the effectiveness and impact of the evolving and changing partnerships with key public and private sector stakeholders in Uganda over 25 year and c) to extract lessons learned that will be relevant for future programming of Denmarks cooperation with Uganda. Thus, it is envisaged that the evaluation will be an important means of assessing the outcomes and sustainability of the substantial support provided by Danida in the sub-sectors. These subsectors comprise:

  • rural water supply and sanitation services, including hygiene education;
  • water resource management and protection services;
  • climate change adaptation initiatives and services;
  • institutional capacity within the national government, local government, the private sector, and community organizations to deliver services, as well as provide the regulatory, policy, and strategy environment necessary to service provision.

The evaluation team will document results and achievements in these subsectors overall, as well as to vulnerable groups such as the poor, the bottom 40%, and disadvantaged regions. The team will consider both basic service provision, and various aspects of service quality and coverage.

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