Yesterday (10th of April 2019), Nordic Consulting Group Denmark was honored to host a seminar with Mr. Yasuo Konishi on 1) The Greening Maize: Value Chain -Greenhouse Gas Emission Analysis and 2) Refugee Integration into the Corporate Supply Chain. Mr. Konishi is recognized for his pioneering work in the field of development, particularly in bringing together corporations with international organizations to tackle market and supply systems challenges in developing and emerging markets. Mr. Konishi offered appreciated insights from his work with Global Development Solutions, LLC (GDS) on developing value chain analyses to maximize profits and minimize greenhouse gas emissions, as well as innovative perspectives on how major corporations can incorporate refugees into their corporate supply chain. Some of the topics touched upon during the seminar include, 1) Government Support and its Relation to Increased Maize Production in Ethiopia, VCA-GHG Analysis of Smallholder Farms in Amhara, Factors Influencing Maize Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Strategies and Recommendations for Mitigating GHG Emissions while Increasing Production, as well as 2) General Approaches on how Companies can Engage Tier 1 Suppliers to Hire Refugees, Examples of Initiatives Undertaken by Brand owners to Address Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Environmental Issues and Arguments and Methods in Engaging Tier 2 Suppliers and Beyond in the Integration of Refugees. Thank you to Mr. Yasuo Konishi and guests from both the public and private sector, who participated in creating an interesting and dynamic event.