NCG has recently conducted a Literature review of Danish evaluation findings in Afghanistan for Global Affairs Canada. The general objectives were to outline lessons learned in the Danish context with the aim of contributing to the evidence base for the team evaluating Canada’s assistance in Afghanistan, and to provide a benchmark for the Canadian engagement.

The review covered the following issues:
  • The responsiveness of Danish humanitarian, stabilization and development assistance
  • The kinds of stabilization programs and projects
  • The lessons learned for improving stabilization-development nexus
  • The contribution to gender equality and empowerment of girls and women
  • The impact and the sustainability of results

The NCG team consists of Anne-Lise Klausen and Ayla-Kristina Olesen Yurtaslan. The team conducted an extensive document review covering Danish evaluations, reviews and appraisals, evaluations of multi-donor trust funds in Afghanistan, Danish policy and strategy documents, and relevant academic publications, supplemented by Norwegian evaluation findings. Interviews were carried out to verify and build on the findings of the document review.

Read the full report: