The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has awarded NCG the end-review of the music program in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan from the AKTC agreement. The objective of the whole project is “improvement of quality of life through enhancement of cultural identity, which is achieved by rehabilitating the cultural and historic built environment, by supporting the development of performing arts, and by creating economic opportunities.”

In Kyrgyzstan, Ustatshakirt’s school program is to be reviewed. Ustatshakirt regularly organises festivals, symposia, concerts, workshops, masterclasses, and other events. In Tajikistan, Khunar’s programme in Khojand is to be reviewed. Khunar has many programmes operating across northern Tajikistan as well as in other regions. 

The team is composed of NCG partners Lone Bildsøe Lassen, Mikkel Otto Hansen and Louise Scheibel Smed