Sida’s pre-core and core support to CSOs emphasise strengthening their overall capacity to develop strategic plans, implementing  these  and  achieving  measurable  results.  Sida  provides  core  funding  for  CSOs  rather  than  financing  specific  projects.  This  allows  the organisations to develop  their  own  capacity  and focus  on  achieving  strategic  goals  rather  than  chasing project funding with the potential risk of compromising objectives in search of means.

The overall objective of the assignment is to provide consultancy services in the areas of CSO’s organisational effectiveness and system-based audit. Specific requirements include supporting the Embassy in organising partners’ forums with core-support partners in 2019 and 2020 and assessing the capacity of the National Coalition “Life free of violence in  family”  and the  “Platform  on  domestic  violence  prevention  and  women’s  rights  promotion”  in Transnistria.

NCG was awarded the conteact and the team is composed of NCG partners Frank Runchel and Louise Scheibel Smed.