We are proud to announce that NCG has been awarded the contract ‘Management Support Consultant to Danida Market Development Partnership (DMDP) Programme’. NCG will handle the day-to-day management of the DMDP programme for the next five years.

The overall objective of DMDP is to contribute to sustainable economic growth in developing countries within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. The DMDP programme supports partnerships between private enterprises and non-profit actors in selected countries (selection based on Danish priority countries, previous initiatives and income level). The programme complements other Danida partnership instruments as well as bilateral and multilateral engagements aiming at promoting inclusive economic growth and employment opportunities.

A DMDP partnership is founded on a business idea which, if successful, will also address local key development challenges, and is pursued by one or more private enterprises in collaboration with one or more non-commercial actors including local partners. The DMDP grant facilitates the combination of knowledge and resources from different actors to achieve a wider development result, with focus on Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 17 specifically.

Services and tasks to be performed will include, among others 

  • Calls for selection of partnerships
  • Monitoring and learning of partnerships
  • Financial management support and supervision
  • Management of technical support and guidance of partnerships as required


The DMDP Secretariat consists of NCG Partner Marie-Louise Appelquist, Mikkel Klim and Mike Dahlgaard. Please visit the newly established DMDP website at www.dmdp.dk