Nordic Consulting Group Denmark is proud to announce that on September 22nd 2020, the webinar was held to present the findings of the Evaluation of Norway’s Anti-Corruption Efforts as part of its Development Policy and Assistance commissioned by the the Evaluation Department in Norad. The evaluation has assessed Norway’s anti-corruption efforts consisting of: — Upholding the principle of zero tolerance against corruption in Norwegian development assistance; — Addressing AC as a cross-cutting concern; — Promoting AC as a distinct component of Norway’s development assistance through programmes, projects and partner dialogue; and — Strengthening international norms and standards against corruption.

Evaluation report is publicly available here:

We would like to congratulate the NCG’s Evaluation Team for successfully finalizing the evaluation process:

Charlotte Vaillant (Team Leader)

Marina Buch Kristensen,

Mark Pyman

Geir. Sundet,

Louise Smed

Quality Assurance: O. Winckler Andersen

The seminar is available for streaming here:

The report has already gained some media attention and  has been used as evidence for a newly published article on corruption financing in Aftenposten! The article emphasizes that Norway is still sending money to highly corrupt countries, despite a zero-tolerance corruption policy in development assistance. As concluded in the evaluation, a key reason for this is the lack of a comprehensive anti-corruption strategy and lack of insight into the process of how the money is transferred. 

Read the whole article here: