Sida commissioned Nordic Consulting Group to undertake an evaluation of the 2016-2020 Swedish Cooperation Strategy with Bolivia, implemented by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) through the Embassy of Sweden in La Paz, Bolivia. The “Strategy for Sweden’s development cooperation with Bolivia 2016-2020” provides a total of over 750 million Swedish kronor (MSEK) to Bolivia. The 2016-2020 Strategy focusses on three main strategic areas: 

i) strengthened democracy and gender equality and greater respect for human rights;

ii) a better environment, reduced climate impact and enhanced resilience to environmental impacts, climate change and natural disasters; and

iii) better opportunities and tools to enable poor people to improve their living conditions. In addition, the Strategy is supposed to support a transition from development aid to trade and other types of cooperation between Sweden and Bolivia (focus on Broader Relations). 

The general objectives of the evaluation were: to assess whether or not the contributions implemented (or under implementation) in Bolivia during the 2016-2020 years comply with the expected results as described in the Strategy; and to provide recommendations based on the above assessment to be used for the planning and implementation of the coming Swedish strategy in Bolivia.


The NCG team was composed by Carsten Schwensen (Team Leader), Louise Scheibel SmedJocke Nyberg, José Antonio Perez Arenas, Pilar Uriona and Penny Hawkins (Quality Assurer). 


Download the final evaluation via below link:

External Evaluation of the Swedish Cooperation Strategy with Bolivia 2016–2020


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