The review of DANEP project "Fight against discrimination, hate crimes and hate speech" in Georgia was appointed to Theresia Kirkemann Boesen, partner in Nordic Consulting Group - Denmark. 

During this review, the progress and results of the project were assessed, taking into account a mid-term review carried by the Council of Europe (CoE) reported on April, 2020. The current review was also aimed to provide recommendations on the future of DANEP on anti-discrimination agendas, as well as CoE's future anti-discrimination engagement both within and beyond DANEP. As well as the assesment of the reporting, monitoring and meeting set-up of the project, possible adjustments in the current phase, next phase or beyond DANEP. Focus was in particular capacity building, as the review assessed the institutional anchoring as a basis for lasting change of practices. Finally, it was assessed if the project was still aligned to the priorities of DANEP.

The DANEP Strategy framework 2017-2021 of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has as its main aims 1) promoting human rights and democracy, 2) strengthening sustainable and inclusive economic growth; and takes place in the neighboring countries of Georgia and Ukraine.