With the objective of evaluating which has been the effect of the programmes under this Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA), analysing the link between its implementation and the correspondent tracking processes, as well as to analyse the strategic use of funds, and formulate recommendations to improve result tracking; this evaluation and synthesis study has been assigned to Nordic Consulting Group – Denmark’s partners Dorte Busch and Jakob Kirkemann Boesen.

Due to the difference that has been present among the monitoring data, evidence and results obtained throughout the countries covered by the SPA, and the lack of a clear analysis of whether the funds were used strategically, which could allow to draw conclusions on a global level; the evaluation draws upon an intention to collect, explore and analyse and draw conclusions during 2021 to reflect programmatic results, as well as implementation and result tracking processes.

The Humanitarian Lot is the main subject of this evaluation, which covers approximately 20 countries in Asia, Middle East, North and West Africa.

The SPA 2018-2021 is the programmatic foundation for the partnership governing Danida’s funding for DRC regional and country programmes under Danida’s Humanitarian Lot, as well as funding to the central organisation’s pursuit of key strategic and policy themes.