The Danish Education in Emergencies Alliance (Alliance) is a new initiative spearheaded by Save the Children Denmark and Plan International Denmark. The Alliance seeks to inspire more political commitment to education in emergencies and protracted crises by modelling an integrated approach to mobilise a broad group of stakeholders including Member of Parliament, Civil Society, UN organisations, Private Foundations, as well as leaders from the private sector. The Alliance comes at a time when an estimated 175 mio. children worldwide continue to be affected by school-closures as a result of COVID-19, and the number of the internally displaced persons has passed 50 mio., many of whom are children. In other words, the need to bolster Education in Emergencies is greater than ever before, if we do not want to lose a generally of children. 

Denmark has historically been a strong supporter of Education in Emergencies and continue be known as such. However, funding trends and modalities have shifted rapidly the past ten years, and the majority of Danish aid to education in emergencies is thus channelled through Education Cannot Wait and the Global Partnership for Education, both of which Danida is among the top donors. Additional funding to EiE is channelled through partnerships with UN agencies (namely UNICEF and UNHCR), as well as Strategic Partnership Agreements with Danish CSOs such as Save the Children and Plan International. At the same time, a number of large private Foundations in Denmark have also increased their support to EiE, either directly or by supporting school-based interventions in other sectors that influence education outcomes. The shift in funding, combined with increased use of multi-year flexible funding has made it difficult to track funding specifically to EiE. Consequently, while Denmark signals a political commitment to EiE, it has been challenging to track the exact funding level.  

Nordic Consulting Group Partners Cecilia Linn Hansen (data analyst), Frank Runchel (QA), and Dorte Busch (extended QA) will implement this assignment by developing a financial baseline of Denmark’s combined financial support to EiE.