At Nordic Consulting Group we are delighted to welcome partner and colleague, Theresia Kirkemann Boesen, in her new role as Managing Director. Theresia will be taking over from Marie-Louise Appelquist, who has decided to step down after almost six years. Marie-Louise will continue as partner and colleague and take on assignments in the fields of private sector development, market-based partnerships, results management, and monitoring & evaluation.

Theresia has worked with international development for 20+ years and has been a partner in NCG for seven years. Her expertise covers Human Rights, Capacity Development of Civil Society Organizations, and State- and Ombudsman Institutions.

Before starting in NCG Theresia was employed by the Danish Institute for Human Rights, where she held several positions between 1999 and 2015, lastly as Department Director for the Department for Human Rights Education and National Human Rights Institutions. Additionally, she has been on long-term advisory postings to Turkey and Malawi. Over the years, Theresia has published several papers related on human rights issues.  

The Chair of the NCG Board, Anne-Lise Klausen welcomes Theresia and thanks Marie-Louise for her time as Managing Director, where she has capably managed the company and grown the firm to new heights.

Theresia stepped into her new role on January 1st, 2022, and over the coming month Theresia and Marie-Louise will work closely together to ensure a smooth transition.