The large-scale escalation of conflict in Ukraine since 24th February 2022 has significantly changed the situation for the civilian population in many ways. The active hostilities have caused thousands of civilian casualties as well as severe destruction or damage to civilian infrastructure in the affected areas. Furthermore, millions of Ukrainians have left their homes temporarily or permanently either to other parts of the country or to other countries. As the conflict continues without a resolution and in a dynamic way, so do the needs for the most vulnerable people. The Danish Red Cross (DRC) have sought to support Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) by conducting a needs assessment to better understand the needs created by the conflict as well as the implications for the interventions implemented under the DRC-URCS partnership. The objectives of the assessment are to give a more detailed insight to the current needs of the civilian population, taking into consideration the mandate, capacities, and the following strategic priorities of the DRC and URCS: MHPSS, DM (humanitarian assistance, DRM, DRR), Recovery (CVA), Health, IHL/HD and Youth Engagement. The assessment will aim to produce a full written report answering all of the key questions outlined by DRC/URC with key findings and recommendations. The needs assessment is being undertaken by Dorte Busch (lead consultant) and Anastasia Bezverkha (consultant) from NCG Denmark.