In response to democratic challenges in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries, the New Democracy Fund, seek to identify drivers, challenges, and obstacles to a just and inclusive transition - and to identify potential alliances and multistakeholder efforts that may speed up a just transition process.

The objective is to optimize available resources to contribute to a just, inclusive transition to production and consumption with reduced climate and environmental footprints without loss of living standards. As a result, NCG is conducting the comprehensive study on climate and environment in the six European Neighbourhood Countries, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

The study will provide necessary evidence, as well inspiration, to civil society in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries towards developing effective strategies and promoting a socially just, green transition.

The study is led by a strong team consisting of Team Leader Frank Runchel, Marianne Jacobsen Toftgaard, Jakob Kjærtinge Faarbæk, Niels Jakob Lampe, and several external consultants.