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Effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions are vital in ensuring the rights of citizens and their access to services as well as a good, enabling environment for doing business. Our expertise covers the scale of governance related issues in conflict and post-conflict areas, and in low, middle-income as well as high-income countries. Paradigms within the governance area shift over time and NCG actively takes part in contributing to knowledge generation and sharing.

NCG strongly emphasises the importance of getting the analysis right, including understanding the local interests and political dynamics in a country. Our partners and consultants have the required in-depth country knowledge and hands-on experience to offer tailored services to projects and programmes in numerous countries. Our main areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Situational analysis (political economy and political settlement analysis)
  • Formulations, appraisals, reviews, evaluations of governance programmes (financial, democratic governance, decentralisation, citizens and civil society inclusion and participation mechanisms)
  • Anti-corruption, post-conflict stabilisation and recovery, peace and state building, and access to justice mechanisms
  • Organisational and institutional analysis
  • Corruption risks and due diligence assessments
  • Development of governance indicators and diagnostics frameworks
  • Monitoring of governance programmes, capacity development including training, on the job mentoring, courses, and e-learning
  • Facilitation of partnerships (South-South and North-South institutional collaboration e.g. between Parliaments, political parties, judiciaries, and Ombudsman, national human rights and equality institutions)
  • Governance studies (e.g. gender and corruption, governance in fragile states, national integrity studies, and mainstreaming governance)