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Nordic Consulting Group (NCG) has a team of experts that are developing, reviewing, evaluating and advising on “nexus” approaches. We reach policymakers, analysts, planners, and implementers of humanitarian, development, peace-building and security issues. We drill down to root causes through risk and resilience analysis, political economy analysis, governance, and rule of law assessments and we work on the linkages between global frameworks and emerging practice. Nexus challenges express themselves regionally and need to be addressed at the local, regional and global levels, across policy, governance, and financing mechanisms. A nexus approach aims to break down silos between disciplines which often hinder a thorough 360-degree understanding of a specific situation and the use of inter-disciplinary approaches.

As an example, humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus approaches are instrumental in addressing protracted forced displacement situations that affect internally displaced peoples (IDPs), refugees, and host and return communities. Humanitarian assistance, in its current forms, is insufficient in addressing such challenges. Often multiple facets of a larger underlying problem are addressed in silos, targeting symptoms rather than comprehensively addressing root drivers and root causes. Conflict and forced displacement often go hand in hand, however, peacebuilding has been conceptualized as a national and political issue, while forced displacement in protracted situations has been addressed as a humanitarian issue. 

NCG aims to continue to bring its expertise on the “nexus” to clients. NCG has expertise to offer within a range of different sectors, across different actors and partnerships, and models of implementation - and we always have a gender analysis at the core.