Carsten Schwensen

Carsten Schwensen


Carsten is a highly experienced senior evaluator with 25 years of experience from leading and implementing complex, multi-disciplinary evaluations of development cooperation in low and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This includes global evaluations; impact evaluations; country programme evaluations; thematic, multi-country and regional evaluations; and evaluations of different aid modalities and financing instruments. He has substantial experience from conducting evaluations in view of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Carsten holds an M.Sc. in Economics (Development Economics). He has strong theoretical and practical experience from development and implementation of mixed methods approaches and tools for data collection and evaluation analysis. This includes design of impact assessments, baseline studies and surveys as well as use of political-economic context analysis. Main sectors/areas of work relate to climate change, environment and natural resource management; agriculture, rural development and livelihoods; private sector and economic development; institutional and capacity development.

Carsten has strong communication skills and has facilitated a large number of learning events  to disseminate evaluation results and utilisation/uptake of evaluation results, lessons learned and recommendations.

Carsten has extensive experience from working with both bilateral donors, multilaterals and NGOs. He is former UNDP and UNOPS staff member and he lived in the Dominican Republic for three years. He has proficiency in the English and Spanish language.

Core Areas

  • The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goal’s
  • Climate change, environment, natural resource management
  • Agriculture, rural development and livelihoods
  • Private sector, economic development and employment
  • Governance and institutions
Expertise and Services
  • Managing of large, complex learning and utility-focused evaluations  
  • Development of monitoring, results and indicator frameworks
  • Mixed methods approaches and meta-analysis
  • Theory of change and contribution analysis
  • Political economy analysis
  • Institutional and organisational analysis 

Country Experience

Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, Burkina Faso
Asia: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos
Latin America: Dominican Republic (long-term employment), Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama
Middle East & North Africa: Egypt and Turkey
Europe: Serbia, Kosovo, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia


Danish: Native
English: Fluent
Spanish: Fluent