Marianne Jacobsen Toftgaard

Marianne Jacobsen Toftgaard

Associate Partner

Marianne has 15 years of experience focusing on issues at the intersection of climate, energy, sustainable development; and trade, investment and financing. Marianne has worked with international NGO’s on global climate policy and with the private financial sector on promoting a green transition through sustainability products and by motivating investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. She has solid work experience in international policy in relation to sustainable development and UN processes, in addition to experience from working in East Africa in particular Uganda. Internationally, she has worked with the UNFCCC process, Rio +20 and the formulation of the UN SDGs focussing on Energy Access and the provision of Renewable Energy to all.

Marianne has extensive experience in combining knowledge on sustainable development with identifying strategic opportunities for private sector actors creating business opportunities in support of low carbon development and national policies promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. In addition, she has in-depth knowledge off the role for the private sector in achieving low carbon development through initiatives that promote Common and Shared Value (CSV), adhere to ESG criteria, and promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

Marianne holds an M.Sc. in Human Geography from the University of Copenhagen and is currently studying a master’s degree on the use of nature in health treatment. Marianne has strong experience in developing and guiding the development of strategies and programmes in particular as it relates to policy development and advocacy based on theory of change, results chains and m&e frameworks. She has worked with capacity building of civil society in developing countries and is well versed in the entire project cycling and in developing KPI’s for measuring outcomes and progress.

Core Areas

  • Sustainability in the private sector
  • Environment, Climate Change and Energy
  • International and national policy

Expertise and Services
  • Strategy and programme formulation
  • CSR related environmental reporting
  • Capacity building of private sector and civil society actors on sustainable development
  • Identifying barriers and opportunities for private business in the green economy
  • Development of programmes focussed on promoting health through the use of nature
  • Conducting ESG related analysis
  • Development of CSV and CSR related initiatives and strategies

Country Experience

Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Africa
Asia: Malaysia, Nepal, India
Latin America: Costa Rica, Mexico


Danish: Native
German: Native
English: Fluent
French: Basic