Steffen Johnsen

Steffen Johnsen


Steffen has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant, and project and programme manager, through numerous assignments in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He holds a PhD in natural resources management using applied systems analysis. His experience covers project design, appraisals, reviews and evaluations, from NGO projects and programmes to donor programmes and strategies as well as multi-donor and government programmes, policies and strategies. He has extensive advisory experience in development of rural organisations, in rural business development and climate resilience strategies and practices. He also is CEO of an innovative company within forest-based Climate Change mitigation

Core Areas

  • Climate change resilience, adaptation and mitigation
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Humanitarian-development nexus
  • Water management in relation to resilience
  • Civil society; programmes, management and accountability
  • Natural resources and environmental management
  • Forestry, includingParticipatory Forest Management
  • Rural business, commercialisation and value chains
  • Rural social and commercial organisations
  • Climate resilient agriculture and forestry
  • Green growth

Expertise and Services

  • Programme and project development and management
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning systems and practices
  • Results-based management 
  • Appraisals
  • Reviews and evaluations
  • Supplementary training - course developer/facilitator
  • Quality assurance (QA)

Country Experience:
  • Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan
  • MENA: Egypt
  • Saharan Africa: Niger, Mali, Chad
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Tanzania, Uganda, Liberia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya
  • Latin America: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Bolivia, Cuba


Danish: Native
English: Fluent
German: Proficient
French: Basic
Spanish: Basic