new assignments;

  • Evaluation of Agricultural Growth & Employment Programme (AGEP) - Bangladesh

    NCG, in consortium with Orbicon, has recently been contracted by Danida to carry out an evaluation of the Agricultural Growth and Development Programme (AGEP) in Bangladesh. Support through Danish development assistance (Danida) has played a significant role in the transformation of the agricultural sector in Bangladesh, particularly through the ‘farmer field school’ (FFS) approach developed in the 1990’s. The FFS is an integral part of AGEP, however the programme also places focus on value chains between producers and consumers (“market linkages”) to support the transformation of the rural economy for the benefit of poor, marginal and small farmers.

    The key aspect the evaluation will explore is male and female farmers’ use and application of knowledge gained through participation in FFS training, which is envisioned to inform the design of further support for rural development within a new Danida country programme (from 2021).

    The evaluation will cover the past 5 years of the Danida-funded programme (2013-2018) and the objectives are threefold:

    • To document achievements of AGEP since 2013
    • To analyse the outcomes and impact of the integrated farm management component and agricultural and food security project
    • On the basis of the lessons learned through the AGEP, to prepare recommendations for the future as inputs for the design of a new country programme for Danida in Bangladesh
    NCG’s team of experts will be involved in the design of evaluation methodology, field work, analysis, drafting of evaluation report, and quality assurance, with Steffen Johnsen in the role of Agricultural Expert, Louise Scheibel Smed as Research Assistant and Gender Equality Specialist, and Per Kirkeman as QA Manager.
  • Management Support Consultant to Danida Market Development Partnership (DMDP) Programme

  • Project References

  • Review and Capacity Assessment of Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke/ ActionAid Denmark

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MFA) has launched a Review of Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke/ActionAid Denmark, which NCG has been commissioned to carry out.  Action Aid Denmark works to strengthen civil society, including social movements with a focus on youth and women, in order to enhance democratic participation and civic space, economic opportunities and decent work, gender-responsive public services through progressive tax as well as to strengthen localisation of humanitarian action and resilience by enhancing protection, accountability and social and economic resilience in protracted crisis with special focus on women and youth.

    The purpose of the Review is to stimulate learning, support relevant organisational development, and analyse and strengthen cost effectiveness within the organisation. Accordingly, the review should issue recommendations, which will provide a critical input to the MFA’s on-going dialogue with Action Aid Denmark. Recommendations may include areas for further review.

    The team is composed of NCG partners Anne-Lise Klausen and Lone Bildsøe Lassen, and financial management expert, Jonas Lovkrona.
  • Review of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT)

  • Technical Assistance to the full Round of Application to the Danida Market Development Partnerships Programme 2018


    NCG has recently been awarded a contract regarding the Danida Market Development Partnerships Programme (DMDP). DMDP was launched in 2016 and is a business programme situated at the precompetitive end of the scale. The overall objective of the Danida Market Development Partnerships is to contribute to sustainable economic growth and employment in developing countries with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goal 8. This is done by promoting broad partnerships that combine knowledge and resources from different types of actors including private sector. The point of departure for a partnership project is a business idea driven by one or more private businesses, thus motivating and mobilizing private sector knowledge and investment in development. The business purpose must underpin the development objective and may contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals in addition to SDG 8.

    NCG's team consists of Chief Consultant, Mikkel Klim, and consultant and managing director of NCG, Marie-Louise Appelquist.