The assignment was an appraisal of the Danish Support to Private Sector.

The Programme was comprised by three components:

  1. The business environment;
  2. Agriculture and agri-business;
  3. District roads

The District Roads Component forms part of the national Integrated Road Sector Program (PRISE) and adheres to the recommended funding modality. Formulation of Component 3 took place within the overall sector framework of the national Integrated Road Sector Program (PRISE). The five-year Road Sector Strategy (RSS) 2007-2011 and the 2007-2009 PRISE constitute the overall national framework for the road sector.

The RSS was implemented in a Sector Wide Approach (SWAP) mode that incorporates a coherent government-owned- and led road programme. The National Road Administration's (ANE) and the Road Fund's (RF) support to district roads commenced in 2008. The further process of developing capacities at all administrative levels to sustain district roads development was perceived as a long-term process.

The district road networks were in a poor condition after many years of neglect. Financial resources were allocated to district roads in 2008, but these were relatively limited to effectively change the situation. The district administrations were - besides funding - dependent on technical support from the central and provincial levels. The appraisal team found that most other donors pay little attention to local rural roads; hence Danida was the development partner that would pay most attention to local road networks. The appraisal emphasised continued capacity development of the National Road Agency (ANE), the Road Fund, and local governments; and recommended sector budget support as the preferred funding modality.



Appraisal of the Danish Support to Private Sector






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Per Kirkemann

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469.627,40 DKK