The rationale for the technical review was to provide recommendations to the BEST-D Steering Committee and team and the Danish Embassy on the prospects for improving and monitoring Best-D’s performance (efficiency and effectiveness) over the remainder implementation period. Correspondingly, the review objective was to define opportunities for how BEST-D can improve its efficiency and effectiveness over the remaining years and explain how and in what ways they can be best pursued.

The BEST-D forms part of Danida’s Business Sector Programme Support Phase IV 2013-2019 (BSPS IV), which has three components and six development engagements, one of which is the BEST-D. BEST-D 2014-2019 succeeds the BEST-Advocacy (BEST-AC) that was implemented in two phases from 2004-2014. The goal of BEST-D is to promote that Tanzania’s business environment becomes more conducive to sustainable private sector growth through a proactive participation of private sector organisations, non-state actors and civil society to complement the role of Government. While the Government is responsible for policies, legislation, regulation and enforcement, the private sector should contribute to the reform process of the business environment. The BEST-D has been designed based on a number of emerging strategic issues, which among others include: shift from single-issue advocacy to sustained dialogue; strengthen the business community’s capacity to effectively engage in business advocacy and dialogue; build a broader business agenda and demand for reform; support a rights-based approach to advocacy and dialogue; promote green growth and climate change mitigation; regional and rural outreach; and creation of synergies with TradeMark East Africa.

The Review assessed the extend to which BEST-D is implemented according to plans, expected results are achieved, and the activities are still relevant in accordance with the Theory of Change (ToC), challenges, development in risk factors, aspects of efficiency and effectiveness, and need for adjustment due to contextual changes. Consultations were held with central, regional and local government administrations, private sector organisations, and development partners (EU and Sida). Visits were made to Iringa and Njombe regions.



Technical Review of BEST- Dialogue






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Per Kirkemann

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DKK 330,000