Danish-Bolivian development cooperation dates back to the 1970s. In 1994 Bolivia was selected as a priority country for Danish development aid and an Embassy was opened in La Paz in 1995. The first strategy for development cooperation was approved in 1997. Thus, for over 20 years Denmark has been a partner in Bolivian development efforts, providing financial and technical support.

The evaluation assessed the contribution made by Danida to long-term changes achieved across the various programmes, bearing in mind that the bulk of Danish assistance has been provided through the sector programme support modality (from 1997 to 2013) and subsequently through country programme "engagements in specific agreed thematic areas" (from 2014 to 2018). The geographical focus of Danish funded programmes in Potosi and Chuquisaca - as well as more recently in the Amazonas region - were taken into account in the evaluation. The objectives of the evaluation were:
- to document the changes and results achieved through cooperation from 1997 to 2016, with an emphasis on the period from 2002;
- to assess the specific value added of the Danish approach to supporting sustainable, rights-based development, including the ability to adapt assistance to changing contexts (policies) and the effectiveness of the partnership;
- to provide lessons learned that are relevant with respect to promoting sustainable, rights-based development.

The evaluation focused primarily on public sector reform and decentralisation, environment, natural resource management and climate change; agriculture, industry, private sector and overall economic growth as well as human rights with a special emphasis on indigenous people's rights.

- Development of evaluation methodology based on a Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) Framework, theory of change, contribution analysis etc.
- Two field visits in Bolivia to collect data, conduct interviews, focus group discussions with government representatives, development partners, private sector and civil society organisations, etc.
- Portfolio analysis and desk based reviews of all programmes implemented from 1997-2016.
- Findings report including a total of six case stories to be used to inform the Danish and Bolivian public about the results.
- An Evaluation report.
- A dissemination phase that included a workshop on Danish-Bolivian cooperation in Copenhagen.



Evaluation of the Danish Bolivian Cooperation (1994 - 2016)






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Louise Scheibel Smed


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DKK 1,300,000