The objective of the assignment is to ensure proper monitoring and reporting of the programme incl. to assist EUN with its monitoring responsibilities as laid down in grant documents and agreements and as per MFA requirements. The main tasks of the monitoring consultants will include, but not be limited to:
1. review and assess progress reports received from programme partners;
2. consult with EUN prior to steering committee meetings;
3. alert and update EUN on changes in implementation, including risk assessments and    seek advice in case of (suspicion of) irregularities;
4. represent EUN in steering committees after consultations with EUN;
5. compile a one page debriefing note to EUN after each steering committee;
6. recommend work plans and budgets for EUN approval;
7. undertake dialogue with implementing partners on ad hoc issues;
8. ensure that financial and narrative completion reports are received timely and in line with MFA standards;
9. undertake annual monitoring visits in consultation with programme partners;
10. prepare and draft case stories on the results of the programme.

Services provided:

- Briefing and debriefing notes in connect with preparation and participation in steering committee meetings;
- Written and oral questions/comments on partner reports; 
- Annual programme reports based on progress report received form the partners (max 10 pages, excl. annexes - using a format agreed with EUN);
- Case stories on results for public diplomacy purposes.



Monitoring and Reporting of Human Rights and Democracy, Moldova 2015-2018






NCG Consultant(s):

Theresia Kirkemann Boesen

Project duration:

Start date:
End date:

Total Contract Value:

DKK 483,000