The Kenya Health Sector Programme Support III (HSPS III) 2012-2016 represents the third phase of the Danish programme support to the Health Sector. The third component of this phase was Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Under this component the Embassy of Denmark provided support to the Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC) of the Nairobi Women's Hospital (NWH).
NWH is a private institution specialized in obstetrics and gynecology services. It seeks to provide holistic care to women and their families. GVRC is a non-profit making, non-partisan; charitable trust of the NWH. GVRC provides comprehensive free medical treatment and psychosocial support to survivors of any form of violence or abuse.
NCG's team supported GVRC in the development of its Five (5) year Strategic Plan and Monitoring and Evaluation Plan/Framework for the period 2016-2020. The overall objectives where to define the strategic objectives, results and general activities of the GVRC and furthermore to design an M&E system to guarantee quality of performance.

The team, consisting of a senior expert team leader and a M&E expert, conducted a five-year Strategic Plan and M&E Plan/Framework to guide the realization of GVRC's vision of creating a society free of Gender Based Violence.
The process - which involved relevant government authorities, development partners, implementing partners, other stakeholders and beneficiaries - was divided into the following four phases:
1) Litterature review: review of strategic documents including documents describing GVRC and the context of Gender Based Violence in Kenya.
2) Inception report: development of inception report outlining proposed methodology and a detailed work plan.
3) Mini-assesments:
a) Coordinate and carry out mini-assesments on the following topics:
i. Analysis of strategic environment in terms of national policies and strategies, legal context, and GoK priorities' for GBV-related work;
ii. Mapping of GBV-related interventions by government, donors, technical agencies, NGOs and CBOs in Kenya to identify the gaps and where GVRC work can be useful;
iii. Organizational assessment of current GVRC capacity and assessment of resources required to reach objectives defined in the 5 years;
iv. Review of the existing M&E systems within GVRC for monitoring of GBV-related indicators and identification of recommendations for the new GVRC 5-year M&E framework.
b) Produce draft summary reports on each of the above mini-assessments.
c) Share the draft reports with GVRC and partners for comments.
d) Finalize the reports.
4) Consultation workshops with main objectives to:
a) Facilitate brainstorm workshop with key GVRC staff and partners to identify objectives, strategic areas and results.
b) Facilitate second workshop to identify main activities, timeline and required resources for each result.
c) Facilitate third workshop with a larger group of stakeholders to present objectives, strategic areas, results and activities.
The process delivered the following outputs:
- Inception report;
- A Five-year strategic plan including a results and resource framework, for the 5-year period (2016-2020);
- Report on the process including stakeholders' consultation;
- Report listing the main findings.



Consultancy to develop a strategic plan and M&E framework for the Gender Violence Recovery Centre of Nairobi Women's Hospital






NCG Consultant(s):

Anne Højmark Andersen

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Total Contract Value:

DKK 395,000