The Programme for Municipal Development in North and North-Central Mozambique (PRODEM) is a municipal development program that contributes to urban poverty reduction and sustainable development through improvements in municipal governance and service delivery in the 26 municipalities in five provinces in the north and central-north parts of the country (Niassa, Capo Delgado, Nampula, Zambécia and Sofala provinces). PRODEM is implemented in two phases: 1st Phase 2015-2017 and 2nd Phase 2018-2019. Four of Mozambique's international development partners (Danida, Sida, Irish Aid and Swiss Development Cooperation) have combined their experience, expertise and resources to support PRODEM. The design of PRODEM includes: 1) a Pillar 1 which provides technical assistance and funds for investments in the 26 municipalities while also promoting citizens' engagement and social accountability (CESA); and 2) a Pillar 2, which supports initiatives that work towards an improved national framework for municipal development. 'Spaces of Dialogue' link the two pillars together by providing opportunities for exchange of information on achievements and challenges, and discussions on policies and strategic perspectives that would feed into the national framework for municipal development.

The Inception Review provided an opportunity to revisit the assumptions about decentralization and municipal development, which informed the formulation of the Programme Document (March 2015) to see if there is a need to adjust programme design and the allocation of resources. A document review was undertaken, which among others included the PRODEM Programme Document, the Inception Report, Operational Manual and the Programme Implementation Plan. A particular purpose was to analyse the implications of the Danish Government's decision to phase-out the development cooperation with Mozambique by 2019, especially as regards the continuation of PRODEM during 2018-2019 - as new agreements would be required for this Phase, including Joint Financing Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Mozambique and the development partners, and extension of the consultancy contract.

The following services were provided: 1) Document review; 2) Elaboration of Mission Preparation Note; 3) Visit to two municipalities (Pemba and Chiure) and consultation with municipal staff and counsellors; 4) Consultations with national stakeholders and JFA partners; 5) Discussions with consultant's staff; 6) Preparation of debriefing note and conduct of debriefing session; 7) Preparation of draft Inception Review Report; and 8) Receipt of comments and preparation of final Inception Review Report.



Inception review of PRODEM






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Per Kirkemann

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DKK 227,000