In line with the DIHR international strategy, the Human Rights Systems Department has launched a concepts and methods programme in 2015. The programme aims to improve internal knowledge sharing and to clarify the underlying principles and the concrete tools that enable DIHR and its partners to achieve human rights change and develop effective and self-sustaining national human rights systems.

The programme focuses on the overall strategy and rationale for DIHR’s work with national human rights systems and on the concrete activities in the department’s three areas of expertise, most notable governmental human rights focal points, security services and access to justice

Scope of activities/tasks:
The purpose of the assignment is to advice the programme manager (and other involved DIHR staff) in designing the HRS toolbox on the basis of the Consultant’s extensive experience with human rights implementation and education.
The Consultant will be provided with a number of draft documents that currently comprise the HRS toolbox.        

• Comment on key overall texts – e.g. the NHRS Theory of Change – of the HRS toolbox with a view to optimise their format, readability, applicability and presentation in the draft HRS toolbox webpage

• Comment on the formatting of the HRS toolbox matrix (as divided into key actors/areas of expertise) with a view to optimise its design and applicability.

• Offer detailed comments to the key toolbox documents – i.e. the three concept notes on police and security, access to justice and governmental human rights focal points as well as the underlying methods descriptions. This should include considerations about firming up the remaining method descriptions for the three pilot areas and writing up new concept notes and method descriptions for academia, parliaments and other actors.

• Advice the programme manager and HRS department director on an appropriate roll-out strategy for the HRS toolbox that secures its success as a dynamic and sustainable learning environment.

• Advice the programme manager and HRS department director on possible formats and strategies for the development of external presentation material to partners, donors etc on the basis of the substantive internal material from the toolbox
• Offer a brief expert input at the HRS department seminar in mid-January 2016.



Advice the programme manager in designing the HRS toolbox






NCG Consultant(s):

Theresia Kirkemann Boesen

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