NIS engages in stabilization and reconciliation initiatives in conflict and post-conflict areas. It implements projects that provide immediate economic and social benefits in cooperation with national and local authorities, while maintaining a low profile and ensuring officials are seen as delivering the project. In 2014 and 2015, NIS implemented two solar-powered streetlight projects covering app. 20 km of streets in Gao. The purpose of the assignment was to provide baseline and end line data for tracking the impact of the installations on security, economic activity and political stability.

Finalized baseline and end line study methodology (household survey sampling, household survey questionnaire and economic activity mapping tool). Carried out quality assurance of the data collection process, and of data entry, as well as cleaning of raw data. Analyzed data with NIS staff and wrote short evaluation report for the 2014 installation project.



Support and data analysis for evaluation of NIS' two solar street lights projects in Gao






NCG Consultant(s):

Bodil Birkebæk Olesen

Project duration:

Start date:
End date:

Total Contract Value:

DKK 16,500