The overall objective of this  Review was to assess CISU's performance in delivering results under its agreements with the MOFA and to give the MOFA and CISU a comprehensive and up-to-date basis for further development of the part of CISUs services that are funded by MOFA to support the objectives of the Danish Civil Society Policy in the most effective way. In addition to CISU's core services (with a focus on grant management and capacity development), the Review also  assessed progress under the Climate and Environment Fund and how it fits within the overall CISU framework.

The assesments were conducted at different levels:
Strategic level / Programming levels:
The Review assesed  to what extent CISU's overall strategy, values and theory of change are relevant and consistent with its agreements with the MOFA and the Danish policy framework including the Policy for Danish Support to Civil Society.

Level of performance - Results in the Global South
Review had  a special focus on the results generated in the Global South - and therefore mainly the second objective for pooled funding arrangements in the Civil Society Policy - and, in that context, the quality of the partnerships developed between Danish organisations and their partners in the Global South and by assessing the value added of CISU in facilitating such partnerships. The Review assesed how CISU in that respect applies and promotes the Human Rights Based Approach through its work. The Review assesed the overall relevance and effectiveness of the projects financed by CISU through both Funds.

Level of Monitoring and Documentation of results
Review will assessed  CISU's efforts to establish a solid and reliable system to monitor and document results of its work (including relevant output, outcome and impact indicators). The Review in that respect assessed  the work carried out to date with Outcome mappings and Theory of Change and CISU's current efforts to monitor results in the Global South including the use of so-called Tracer Studies, Thematic Reviews and field inspections.

Organisational level
The Review assessed  to what extent CISU has the necessary human resources and systems in place to manage the Funds and implement services agreed with the MOFA.   The Review assessed  how CISU ensures learning and knowledge management, including learning from assessments, reviews and evaluations of concrete applications and projects. The Review assessed  how CISU contributes to and its members benefit from participation in Danish and international networks and coordination structures such as Global Focus, the 92 Group, CIVICUS and national and regional networks from the Global South.

 Level of Financial management and administrative procedures
The Review focused  on assessing the adequacy and quality of the financial management and auditing of the projects in the Global South under the general Civil Society Fund and the CEF.

Capacity development services
The Review assesed the complementarity and value added of CISU's offer of capacity development services in relation to other domestic actors offering such services including Global Focus. Danish Mission Council Development Department, The Danish Youth Council and the Disabled People's Organisations Denmark.



Review of Civil Society in Development - CISU






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