The Urban Violence Prevention unit in DIGNITY has worked towards starting up activities with selected partners in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.This addendum contract covers a period (June-September 2015) where DIGNITY initiates a pilot project that consists of carrrying out a violence study and setting up mechanisms of violence prevention in Nakuru County, Kenya, carrying out a violence study in Mbale municipality, Uganda, and formalising collaboration with a police academy in Tanzania. The pilot project is implemented by an 'entry partner' at national level and human rights organisations at the local level. The two studies are carried out by a research institute in close collaboration with the local human rights organisation. In Kenya, the pilot project also involves the development of materials for community policing intervention.A final component is the identification of potential partners for a research programme on police and policing in East Africa.

This process consultancy included the following services: coordination of the development of project documents,organisation of inception workship,  identification of potential partners for research gramme, advice on the violence studies, and reporting on the implemetation process.



Assistance and Facilitation of Final Developments for Intervention in East Africa 2015


Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania


No coordinates submitted.



NCG Consultant(s):

Julie Thaarup

Project duration:

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Total Contract Value:

DKK 119,000