UniBRAIN is an innovative attempt to combine the potential of African universities, private business and agricultural research institutions to catalyse and promote entrepreneurship and business to create jobs and build wealth. This is achieved through a) promotion and commercialisation of agribusiness innovations; b) support to agribusiness graduates with the potential to become efficient entrepreneurs; and c) up-scaling of UniBRAIN's innovative outputs, experiences and practices.
The Programme supports the development of six business incubators in five African countries (Ghana, Mali, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda) and is implemented by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA).,

Agribusiness expert responsible for aspects related to agriculture, agrobusiness, organisational and institutional issues. Interviews, data collection and analysis of incubators in Ghana, Mali, Uganda and Kenya.



Review of UniBRAIN


Ghana, Mali, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda


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Anne Højmark Andersen

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DKK 197,000