In line with CARE Danmark's Vision 2020 and CARE Danmark's strategy for 2014-2017 CARE Danmark engages in strategic partnerships with the private sector and Danish corporations. CARE Danmark engages in strategic partnerships for multiple reasons; to promote more inclusive and responsible business models in global supply chains; to influence corporate supply practices to align with internationally recognized standards and guidelines for responsible business conduct and to promote framework conditions and policy support for sustainable and inclusive development .

CARE has in the last few years developed partnerships with Arla and Coop, two large Scandinavian corporations. These partnerships are closely monitored at programme level, using programme cycle methodologies. Documentation of the innovative partnership and the role of CARE and the corporations play in improving livelihoods of farmers, through removing bottlenecks and building capacity is therefore assessed according to CARE's protocol for project management.

The objective of the final evaluation is to assess the value and potential impact of the partnerships at the corporate level, and in this respect the sustainability and replication of such partnerships. This includes value for CARE, the corporations and, based on the Milkyway and the Kilimo Biashara project evaluations, for the farmers and local value chain systems.

The two projects in question are:
1. The project Milkyway with Arla and a number of West African partners.
2. The Kilimo Biashara value chain project in Kenya.

The services delivered include:

  • Desk study of relevant materials from CARE, Arla and Coop and other documentation related to private business-NGO partnerships.
  • Develop an interview guide based on the key themes and conduct interviews in Denmark with CARE, Coop, Arla, IFU, MFA, DIEH, Deloitte etc.
  • Facilitate a multi-stakeholder round table discussion in Abuja, Nigeria (first week of November).
  • Draw out relevant findings and recommendations of the Milkyway and Kilmo Biashara project evaluation reports.
  • Synthesize the findings and present these to Coop, CARE, Arla, Landbrug & Fødevarer in a closed learning meeting.
  • Draft the report.



Final evaluation of the CARE and Coop partnerships


Nigeria, Kenya



CARE Denmark

NCG Consultant(s):

Anne-Lise Klausen 

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Total Contract Value:

DKK 111,000