Review of Danish Insitute for Parties and Democracy (organization, performance, governance)

The Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) was established by the Danish Parliament in May 2010 (Act 530 adopted May 26, 2010 by the Danish Parliament). The vision of DIPD is to contribute to the development of well-functioning democratic political parties, multi-party systems and other institutions as central stakeholders in the democratic culture of selected developing countries.

The overall objective of the review was to assess the performance of the DIPD with regards to the current grant agreement, in particular results achieved during the past three years. The review also assessed the nature and effect of possible synergies with Danish development cooperation as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the support instruments of DIPD.

Desk review and methedology and framework; field visit Malawi and Tanzania; draft reporting; presentation for DIPD; revisoin of report and finalizating report; board presentation DIPD.



Review/assessment of the programmes of the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy - Potentially Tanzania, Malawi and Nepal as field missions in addition to desk studies of 2-3 other countries.


Tanzania, Malawi




NCG Consultant(s):

Marina Buch Kristensen 

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Total Contract Value:

DKK 619,000