NCG has recently been assigned by Danida to assist in the programming of the second phase of the European Regional Development and Protection Programme for the Middle East (RDPP). This assignment consists of two consecutive processes: A consultation phase and a programme formulation phase.

The RDPP for Syrian refugees and host communities in the Middle East (Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq) was launched in July 2014 and is based on a dialogue between the European Council and Denmark. The programme aims at addressing the protection needs, while at the same strengthen the resilience of refugees and host communities through supporting development-oriented interventions and prepare the ground for durable solutions in the longer-term perspective. Furthermore, the programme supports socio-economic development in host communities, benefiting both host populations and refugees while seeking to enhance the capacity of refugees to contribute as positive development actors.

The primary role of NCG partner Anne-Lise Klausen and two external consultants will be to undertake the drafting of a programme document for the second phase of the RDPP (2018-2021). The programme document will be based on extensive stakeholder consultations at all levels and a comprehensive context analysis considering the trends and context for protection, livelihood, advocacy, political dialogue and research in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Thus, the programming phase consists of both deskwork as well as fieldtrips to Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq and consultants and dialogue with units and focal points at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Programme Management Unit of the RDPP.



Formulation of the Regional Development and Protection Programme for refugees and host communities in the Middle East phase II


Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq




NCG Consultant(s):

Anne-Lise Klausen 

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Total Contract Value:

DKK 901,672.00