NCG has recently been assigned by Danida to document and assess the results of the Danish-Ghanaian development partnership and its contribution to the overall development in Ghana with emphasis on the period from 2007.

Focus will primarily be on the overall development results within areas such as governance, human rights, private sector development, but also tax, health, budget support, decentralization, research and the Danish contribution to these results and their sustainability. Furthermore, the evaluation will assess the strengths and opportunities of the Danish-Ghanaian partnership as it stands today, in its historic context, as a basis for the transition and further development of the partnership. 

The role of NCG experts Per Kirkemann, Marina Kristensen, and Louise Smed is to carry out field work and data collection in Ghana. The data collection work and analysis will e.g. consist of interviews with government representatives, development partners, private sector and civil society organisations. Furthermore, the NCG team will collect case-stories of Danish-Ghanaian cooperation to illustrate and identify the changes, challenges and results of the cooperation and partnership between Denmark and Ghana from 2007-2017.




Evaluation of the Ghana – Denmark Partnership (2007-2017)






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