NCG has recently been awarded a contract by Forum Syd to evaluate their Somalia Diaspora Programme (SDP). The program aims to engage the Swedish Somali diaspora to support development projects in Somalia related to Swedish development aims in the areas of: (1) democracy and human rights; (2) gender equality; (3) sustainable livelihoods; (4) regional initiatives and trust-building; and (5) local capacity development.

NCG’s evaluation will provide Forum Syd and its partners with a critical assessment of results achieved by the program using an “Outcome Harvesting” evaluation approach. The team will focus on identifying outcome-level results—defined as changes in behavior, relationships, actions, or policies— that they will “harvested” from primary project documents and interviews with key SDP stakeholders, and then winnow down, substantiate, and verify with the help outside experts and data-mining from secondary studies. In addition, the team will conduct a careful analysis of power relations between different groups and individuals involved in all levels of the program.
The evaluation will serve both learning and accountability purposes. It will generate relevant findings, lessons-learnt, and recommendations which will then be shared with donors, partners and local stakeholders and used to guide and inform the planning of a possible future phase of the program.

The evaluation will include fieldwork in both Sweden and Somalia (Somaliland and Puntland).
NCG expert Geert Aagaard Andersen serve as the Senior Technical Advisor on the assignment, along with NCG’s closely-held consultant, Mathias Kjaer, who will serve as Team Leader.



Evaluation Study of the Somalia Diaspora Programme






NCG Consultant(s):

Geert Aagaard Andersen

Project duration:

Start date:
End date:

Total Contract Value:

400,000 SEK