NCG has recently been awarded a contract by DANIDA to review the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT), which is a health-based umbrella organisation with more than 160 members in over 70 countries. IRCT supports the rehabilitation of torture victims and the prevention of torture worldwide. IRCT is the largest member-based civil society organisation to work in the field of torture rehabilitation and prevention. The work of IRCT evolves around three main intervention areas: capacity building, policy advocacy and research/development. These activities are undertaken with IRCT’s unrestricted funds as well as through implementation of specific projects. IRCT has also managed a sub-granting facility allowing members to apply to cover their rehabilitation activities.

The overall objective of the review is to assess the capacity and performance of IRCT in delivering results under its engagement with the MFA with a particular view to stimulate learning, support relevant organizational development and analyse and strengthen cost effectiveness and sustainability, including donor mobilisation. Thus, the review will also focus on the viability of the proposed business model under the updated strategy 2018-2020; the suitability of the proposed staffing structure; the mechanics of revenue raising and sharing and the design and implementation of programming.

NCG will conduct the review with the following team: CSO Development Expert, Christian Balslev Olesen, Rehabilitation and Advocacy Expert, Helen McColl and Financial Management Expert, Jonas LövKrona. NCG partner, Frank Runchel will be Quality Assurer.



Review of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT)






NCG Consultant(s):

Frank Runchel

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763,000 DKK