In June 2016, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) commissioned Nordic Consulting Group to undertake an Evaluation of Danish Support to Promotion and Protection of Human Rights covering the period from 2006 to 2016. The evaluation report is now published and available here.

The evaluation focuses on two specific areas of Danish support to Human Rights: 1) rule of law and better access to justice, and 2) freedom from torture.

Support to Rule of Law and better access to justice is integrated into Denmark’s strategic goals for development cooperation. The evaluation has found that the engagements in this focus area follows an approach that includes value-driven commitment, flexibility and credibility, as well as long-term reliable commitment engaging with both the supply and demand side. This ‘Danish approach’ is valued by partners and increases the Danish leverage of both the MFA and Danish partners.

Freedom from torture has been a main focus area by Denmark at the international policy level for decades. Interviews and documentation show that the support to CSOs and the DIHR is essential for facilitating professional and credible organisations, enabling them to contribute to results within the freedom from torture agenda. The achievements of these partners include policy development and monitoring at international and national level, as well as enabling their national partners to access the international policy level. Denmark has applied a consistent approach to partnerships building on long-term commitment, flexibility and trust in its engagements at the policy level. Although the outcomes at policy level do not necessarily result in an immediate impact upon rights holders, they contribute to a more robust international framework.

The evaluation has been carried out by Thomas Trier Hansen and NCG Director and Partner Marie-Louise Appelquist with contributions from Emery Brusset, Jacob Gammelgaard, Pierre Robert and Monique Verdier Rasmusssen.

You can read and download a full version of the evaluation report here.




Evaluation of Danish Support to Promotion and Protection of Human Rights 2006-2016






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