DFID FWC 2012 062 064  NCG is part of a consortium lead by Coffey International Development (Coffey's webpage) for DFID's framework agreements on Governance and Security and Empowerment and Accountability. 


The two lots that NCG is a part of are:  

Lot F: Empowerment and Accountability:

  • Diagnosis of empowerment and accountability issues.
  • Design of empowerment and accountability strategies and programmes including support for sector specific programmes and enabling environment.
  • Empowerment and accountability monitoring and evaluation.
  • Programmes that prioritise the needs of the poorest and most marginalised including girls and women.
Lot E: Peace-building and State-building:

  • Design/deliver of strategies/programmes including state-building, peace-building and human security policy frameworks
  • Linkages between security, justice, economic activities and provision of expected services and their role in improving state-society relations and breaking cycles of violence.
  • Multi-disciplinary, integrated political, social, strategic and technical assessments
  • Programmes that prioritise the needs of the poorest and most marginalised including girls and women.
We receive call downs for various DFID assignments across Africa and Asia. Therefore we are always looking for qualified consultants, preferably with DFID experience. We would like to welcome new consultants registering with NCG, as well as receiving updates from existing consultants on our database. If you find one or both frameworks interesting and would like to submit your CV for potential assignments within this framework, we will look forward receiving your CV. 

Suitable consultants should have the experience of working across Africa and Asia in particular with experience in the areas mentioned above. Team leader experience is an asset and the consultant should be fluent in written and spoken English. 

Interest and CV’s should be send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please refer to either "DFID Lot F" or "DFID Lot E" when submitting your interest for this.

Published: 04.07.2012 Modified: 13.02.2014